Attractiveness and enjoyment of this product

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1.This sake cup “shitatari” is made by meticulously shaving a stainless steel round bar, just as rice, the raw material for making sake, is carefully shaved.

 It is similar to the process of carefully shaving rice to make sake. When sake is poured into the cup, it reflects and sparkles, making the transparency of the sake stand out even more.

2.This form was designed as an homage to the beautiful moment

 When a drop of sake drips down in the sake-making process “tobintori”.Imagining the moment when the sake is fermented and ready to be poured is the best part of this product, allowing you to enjoy sake more deeply.You can also pour sake from the cup into the saucer until it overflows, as is often done with Masuzake.Since the cup and saucer are separable, you can actually reproduce the dripping of sake by lifting the cup part in this state.In fact, the ease of separating the cup and saucer hides a technique backed up by precision processing technology.

3.You can experience a unique touch of sake on the lips (at the rim of this cup).

 A block of stainless steel is shave to just the right thinness, and the thinness of the mouthpiece has been adjusted to a perfect degree, creating a strange sensation as if your lips are directly touching the sake, instead of touching the vessel.The sake cup can be used for a long time without worrying about cracking.

Product Spec

External dimensions Φ80×H60(Cup Φ50×H55)
Weight 276g
Thickness Drinking spout t0.9
Capacity 90ml(Cup/Saucer)
Material Stainless