On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of our founding, we, Nakagawa Precision in Osaka, have been searching for unprecedented products of specialty stainless steel using our precision thin-wall lathe processing technology. We have had many discussions with Mr. Kohsuke Suzuki, a product designer. The ultimate goal is to express the feeling of being able to touch Sake directly. After repeating many prototypes,we have finally come up with “shitatari” design,whose mouthpieceis as thin as possible through our lathe processing technology. The design seemed difficult to manufacture, but our processing technology that we have cultivated over many years has realized to create theshape.

  • shitatari 1
  • shitatari 2
  • shitatari 3

Product Spec

External dimensions Φ80×H60(CupΦ50×H55/Saucerφ80×17)
Weight 276g
Thickness t0.9(minimum thickness)
Capacity About 90ml(Cup/Saucer)
Material Stainless steel