A new way to enjoy sake proposed by a 100-year-old manufacturing company

This “shitatari“ is a sake cup created in 2019 by Nakagawa Precision Machinery works, located in the manufacturing town of Osaka.   It has a history of manufacturing for over 100 years, We were looking for a way to create an unprecedented product by using its best technology,which can shave even difficult-to-machine stainless steel into thin pieces.   After many discussions with product designer Kosuke Suzuki (Breath Design) at izakaya (Japanese bar), we decided to work on the theme of sake, which we both love, and the result “shitatari” was born.   Our thin-walled lathe shaving technique not only produces a unique form that resembles a newborn drop, but also creates a strange sensation as if one’s lips are directly touching the sake, rather than touching the vessel,by shaving the mouth of the sake vessel as thin as possible.  

NAKAGAWA Precision Machinery Works