The deliciousness that spreads from one drop of Japanese Sake is infinite.In ancient Japan, Sake was mostly offered at Shinto rituals or could be drunk on festive occasions. As the result of a fresh look at this precious and grateful origin of Sake and the way we enjoy it today, we came up with a design which expresses how Sake is carefully produced drop by drop, with beautifully creating the moment when people enjoy Sake. With this concept, “shitatari“ was born. When you put “shitatari” on your mouth, you can feel as if you are touching Sake directly.

Harebi project

Harebi is a coined word from ” special occasion x beauty”. We launched the “Harebi” brand in the hope that more and more people will become aware of the truly beautiful and attractive things we do on the occasion of Hare. We hope to create more wonderful scenes through the ideas of designer Yasuhiro Suzuki, who is the creator of the brand, and through collaboration with manufacturing companies that will make it a reality. If you agree, please contact us.

Breath.Design/Kohsuke Suzuki
After graduating from university, Kohsuke Suzuki gained experience in furniture design at an imported furniture trading company in Japan, and worked as an assistant product designer at Hans Sandgren Jakobsen Design office and Komplot Design in Denmark from 2009. After returning to Japan, he launched Noma experience studio with his colleagues and presented “Made in Me Project” products in Milan in 2012. Currently, he provides total support for branding, product design, and sales channel development. He is active both in Japan and abroad with the ideal of “long-lasting design and design that comes back to life”.